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It’s Time to Plan Your Carnivorous Christmas Party!





Christmas Parties….How many of them can you actually remember being half-decent, If you can remember them at all that is? Well this year there’s no need to hit the bottle just to get through the night, let Longhorns take the stress away at Longhorns Jesmond.

We’ll welcome your group with a Christmas cocktail  blended by yours truley.  After the festive cocktail we’ll kick off the feast with Dragon Turds, Corn Bread and Baby Burger Balls from our all-new starters and sharers menu.  After those, we’ll get really meaty with ‘The Board’ shared between 3 people. We can also include Smoked Turkey on the boards should you want it.
After the meaty mains, we’ll finish off with mince pies and coffee locally roasted here in Newcastle from OCC.

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If thats not enough you can prove your barman credentials to your peers as you pour your own pints from your very own private pop-up bar. Take your choice and order a keg or two of our house brew ‘Longhorn’s Long & Slow’, Brooklyn Lager or Wylam Jakehead supercharged IPA. Not a beer drinker? Don’t worry, wines are available by the bottle for tables too.

Reserve your booking while there’s still space, for further information drop us a line to events@longhornsbbq.co.uk

We wish you a Meaty Christmas!

Longhorns. x

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